Our culture here at SEG Promotions is vibrant, empowering and success oriented. We are geared toward our client’s success and that of each individual team member, and as such emphasize empowerment, drive, and responsibility.

In our competitive corporate environment, we strive to be the team that focuses on providing direct help to our clients through result-oriented approaches to sales and marketing. To ensure the biggest impact, our in-store and onsite event campaigns are designed with our clients in mind. These campaigns are flexible and can be designed for any kind of business, and are always accompanied by measurable, high-performing systems.


SEG Promotions believes in equal employment and as such is committed to giving each applicant a fair chance at being employed. Diversity is a part of our success model, and we welcome it. Diversity strengthens the core of our business and provides our team with the necessary balance to stimulate creative discourse.

Our Values

At SEG Promotions, we have six core values that drive our success. These are highlighted below.

Each One, Teach One

Each team member is given the responsibility of helping to advance the skill set of other teammates.


We believe in helping the community through the donation of unused or surplus items to charities and nonprofits.

Transparent Advancement Policies

Promotion is done on performance and is done from within our ranks. Tenure, favoritism or internal politics has no bearing on the process. Remember, results are the only factor we consider.

Rewards as an Incentive

Cash bonuses, travel opportunities, convention travel, gift card and time off for personal reasons are offered to our exceptional employees to keep them committed to the company.

Goal Driven

Goals for team members are designed and submitted by them on a weekly basis. These include both those for their internal success and for those outside of the job. We believe in the whole you, and know that you will work harder to achieve goals you are already passionate about.

Personal and Professional Growth

With constructive weekly feedback, out teammates get the chance to make periodic improvements to their performance. We encourage work/life balance, money management and time management skills.